The BEST Heated Towel Rail for Your Bathroom

A frequently asked question 

“Which heated towel rail will work the best in my bathroom?”, is probably one of the most frequently asked questions that gets asked. As easy as it is to answer, there are a few key points that you need to understand that will help with the decision making process. 

To give you the best answer, let’s first go through the following points;

Why do you need a heated towel rail?

Keeping your towels dry and fresh

Heated towel rails have been used in households for years, but we still find that the common belief is that a rail is a luxury item that warms your towels. The primary function is to dry your towels, keeping them fresher for longer and yes the best feeling is, the benefit of a warm cosy towel for when you get out of the shower, especially on a cold winter morning.

Eliminating the breeding ground for bacteria

Drying your towels on a heated towel rail after it’s been used, instead of letting it air dry on a traditional towel rail or robe hook, will kill up to 90% bacteria, making them more hygienic and fresher between laundry days.

Saving water and electricity

The electricity usage of an average size dry element heated towel rail is the same as a traditional 60w light bulb, as opposed to using an average 3000w drier. During the drying process, the bacteria build up and the nasty mouldy smell gets eliminated which leads to you not having to wash your towels as often as you usually would. Therefore you are saving on both water, electricity and money.

Additional storage space

Towels tend to take up much needed cupboard space, when using a heated towel rail it 

adds extra storage and frees up cupboard space for other necessities. From a bathroom interior point, your towels also get the opportunity to add a splash of colour while complimenting the overall design.


What to consider when choosing a heated towel rail

What is your available wall space

Start by measuring what available wall space you have, keeping in mind that if you choose a heated towel rail with a IPX5 rating, it’s all zone certified and can be installed above a bath or next to a shower. You will need to make provision for an electrical point, which is easy in a newly built bathroom, but not impossible in an existing bathroom.

How many users

The size of the heated towel rail that you choose will also be determined by how many people will hang their towels to dry. Keep in mind that using a heated towel rail as opposed to a normal towel rail, in most cases takes less space since towels are folded to dry and not hung unfolded in a single layer.

Which heated towel rail will match your bathroom design

Once you know what available wall space you have, and what your ultimate heated towel rail measurements should be, then the fun part is to choose between the different towel rail design  and special finishes to see what is available in that specific size and will complement your bathroom design the best.


Key features your heated towel rail should have

Temperature control switch

There are a few benefits of being able to control the temperature of your own heated towel rail. Every person’s heat preference is different, as well as each season of the year. To be able to adjust the heat of your heated towel rail according to your own preference, is a good option to have. Even though the running costs are probably already low, you can decrease it even more, by turning down the switch.

Flexible electricity connection

Purchasing a heated towel rail that has a connection point on both sides, makes it more flexible on installation, for those unforeseen installation hiccups. Having one that can be installed upside down is an even bigger plus point for when the electricity access point is located higher up on your wall.Ideally it should also have the option of being hardwired or be a plug version.

Grade 304 stainless steel

The best material to install in a wet environment is grade 304 stainless steel. Grade 304 stainless steel has the natural benefit of not corroding, and only needs to be cleaned with a damp wet cloth. It doesn’t have any coating, which means it can’t peel or flake and when it gets light scratches it can be polished out. The perfect durable material that will look good for years to come.

Heat up time

Have a fast heating up time so that you can heat your towels quicker. 

Easy installation with backup support

Easy installation instructions, installation template and quality mounting parts will make the process quick and simple. Also make sure to have the peace of mind that if any questions come up during installation or when operating it over years to come, that there is the necessary support.


The Bathroom Butler heated towel rail difference

Who are they

Bathroom Butler is a family owned business that manufactures a large range of bathroom accessories and heated towel rails with a difference. The brand is driven by innovation and engineering and the focus has always been on design and quality, while being a solution to the common irritating problems that customers experience globally.

Key features

PTSelect Switch – a built-in switch to adjust the temperature according to your own personal temperature selection. To be able to use your heated towel rail all year round, for example turning it down during hot summer humid months, and turning it up during cold rainy winter months, will assure that you always have a dry towel that is free from the breeding grounds of bacteria.

Dry element technology – All Bathroom Butler heated towel rails use their dry element technology. The benefit is that rails heat up in 10-15 mins, opposed to fluid rails that take 50-60 mins. Installation is also made easy, through weighing less than fluid rails and having the ability to be installed upside down without having to worry about an element burning out.

Dual entry or upside/down connection – an electricity connection point both bottom left & right hand side and the convenience to install it upside down for a top left or right connection. Every rail also has the option for hard wiring or a plug in version.

Direct intelligent heating – Heat builds up to a higher temperature where it’s needed most, underneath the folded towel, resulting in faster drying and an added touch of warmth.

Rapid heating – The dry element allows for faster heating times, up to 10-15 mins, opposed to fluid rails that can take up to 50-60 mins.

Grade 304 stainless steel – All heated towel rails are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel materials. The special finish rails have a PVD coating that is the highest quality that you can get to do finishes.

All Zone certified – All Bathroom Butler heated towel rails have an IPX5 rating, which makes it all zone certified.

Easy installation – All heated towel rails are supplied with easy to follow instructions and a template. No additional parts are required, only the basic tools.

Choosing a heated towel rail for your bathroom

Bathroom Butler has a variety of different designs, dimensions and special finishes that’s available. Depending on your available space, there are small compact designs, tall & narrow sizes and larger, wider towel rail design that are perfect for a master or family bathroom. 

In the end the best heated towel rail will be the model that fits your bathroom best and that’s designed with purpose.


Where to buy?

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