Macq 01 Hotel

The breeze along Hobart’s waterfront carries a thousand captivating stories of those that were here before us – a cast of remarkable characters, each with an intriguing story to tell. In this place, the Mouheneenner people fished and forged dreams in the Derwent shallows; the first Europeans set foot ashore Van Diemen’s Land and an industry was borne amid the bustle of Hunter Island. Today, this precinct is home to MACq 01 where the stories of these colourful characters are shared in a setting of informal luxury. This is a storytelling hotel.

The design concepts for MACq 01 Hotel have been developed by a boutique agency of interior designers Pike Withers, whose design objective was to create a curiosity and intrigue for what the story might be in each space, rather than a literal interpretation of it.

ARCHITECT | Pike Withers