AQUAS X Jet Twin Shower

SKU: BA0105


The X JET is a beautiful, softly shaped, ergonomic shower with a unique spray pattern. The X JET is a unique single nozzle design enables you the perfect waterfall spray, infusing water with air to deliver a powerful, yet soft, sensation.

As soon as the water starts running, a large volume of air is pulled through the inner circle of the shower head, intensifying the spray of water. This increased spray force results in a sensational showering experience. The visible hole in the hand shower is there as a dynamic design element, but it is not noticeable during showering. A full showering experience is offered.

Twin shower with integrated Bottom Inlet and Push Button Diverter; 200mm Overhead Shower and 110mm Handshower. Chrome only.

WELS: Not star rated
Flow rate : 7.5 l/min


Twin Shower


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