KALDEWEI Soundwave Audio System

SKU: 01-6801

Concealed Bluetooth Audio System for your Kaldewei bath

This innovative sound audio system turns your bath into sound box with extraordinary sound quality about and below the water. Immerse yourself in a musical experience with easy to use operating system using your Bluetooth-enabled device.

Consists of: 6 acoustic panels, a control box with power cable and 2 transducers.
Electrical data: Voltage 230V/ Frequency: 50-60Hz
Power 2x20W
Standby 0.5W (acc. to EUP directive)
The SOUND WAVE complies with Bluetooth specification 2.1.
The system supports the following profiles: Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP) 1.0 and
Audio/Video Remote Control (AVRCP) 1.0, and the protocols SBC (Subband Coding) and aptX

Suitable for all Kaldewei Models except for the following:
150-2/150-3/150-4/ 150-5/ 150-6
828-2/828-3/ 829-2/ 829-3
826-2/ 826-3/ 827-2/ 827-3

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