Grace SENZABRIDA® Wall Hung Pan & Soft Close Seat


Grace, like the elegance characterizing every single element of this collection. The softness of the lines and a contemporary design, reminiscent of natural shapes, is pointed out by all the items. Ideal for both big and small bathrooms - manufactured in Italy.

With Globo's Senzabrida (no rim) design, flushing performance is optimized for a cleaner pan. With no rim, there is a continuous surface for easier cleaning, as there are no hidden Channels for bacteria to hide.

Soft close removable seat with antibacterial treatment standard, which drastically reduces the presence of germs and bacteria.

Dimensions: 520 x 360mm

GRFMPW - White Only

Made in Italy

Kit consists of pan (GRS03BI) & soft close seat (GR022BI). White only.

Standard with:



WELS Rating: 4 Star, 4 / 2.6 L

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