Genesis SENZABRIDA® Wall Hung Pan & Soft Close Seat


Organic and natural shapes, rounded and smooth, characterized by a soft, minimalist style. Manufactured in Italy by Ceramica Globo, the Genesis collection of toilets is available in white and 14 matt colours.

With Globo's Senzabrida (no rim) design, flushing performance is optimized for a cleaner pan. With no rim, there is a continuous surface for easier cleaning, as there are no hidden Channels for bacteria to hide.

Standard with Ceraslide, a 26-hour firing process produces a smooth, low-porosity product that is resistant to marks and the adherence of dirt.
To ensure the highest level of hygiene, the company has developed the antibacterial treatment Bataform®, which drastically reduces the presence of germs and bacteria on ceramics.

Dimensions: 550 x 360mm

GENWHW - White
GENWHXX - Colour (select your colour from the Colour Chart)

Made in Italy

Kit consists of pan (GNS02) & soft close seat (GN020)

Standard with:

Finishes available:


WELS Rating: 4 Star, 4 / 2.6 L

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