Forty3 SENZABRIDA® Floor Standing Toilet Pan & Soft Close Seat


Forty3 has been created by matching the decisive features of contemporary architecture and essentiality. It is a comprehensive selection of washbasins, WC and furniture. Its design is characterized by linear and contemporary shapes.

With Globo's Senzabrida (no rim) design, flushing performance is optimized for a cleaner pan. With no rim, there is a continuous surface for easier cleaning, as there are no hidden Channels for bacteria to hide.

Standard with Ceraslide, a 26-hour firing process produces a smooth, low-porosity product that is resistant to marks and the adherence of dirt.
To ensure the highest level of hygiene, the company has developed the antibacterial treatment Bataform®, which drastically reduces the presence of germs and bacteria on ceramics.

Dimensions: 570 x 360mm

F3FMW - White
F3FMXX - Colour (select your colour from the Colour Chart)

Made in Italy

Kit consists of pan (FO004), soft close seat (FOR20) & Vario S bend connection. Includes hidden fixing system FISSAGGIOGHOST®, eliminating all fixing holes, improving considerably the aesthetics of the product.

Standard with:

Finishes available:


WELS Rating: 4 Star, 4 / 2.6 L

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