FIMA Quad Shower Mixer 90mm

SKU: F3723S

Pure lightness and elegant shapes. Made in Italy, the Quad series blends stylish design and ergonomic form.

With over 50 years of experience, Fima is one of the leading tap manufacturers in Italy. The company is dynamic, international and absolutely contemporary in nature which is expressed in innovative unique solutions in terms of design, quality and functionality, focusing on the environment and the environmental sustainability.

Required In-wall components (To be ordered separately) - In-wall Body: F2535


Colour Options:

Chrome F3723SCR (stocked item) + F2535CR

Matt Black F3723SNS (8-10 weeks) + F2535NS

Matt White F3723SBS (8-10 weeks) + F2535BS


Bath + Shower Mixers, Shower/Bath Mixer



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