FIMA Spillo Up Basin Mixer
VIEGA Visign for More 104 Aluminium/Stainless Steel Plating
BATHROOM BUTLER 4600 Wall Hung Paper Holder
BATHROOM BUTLER 4600 Wall Hung Towel Ring
BATHROOM BUTLER 4600 Wall Hung Robe Hook
AQUAS Neu 120 Handshower 3 Function

Brushed Finish

The brushed finish has been trending lately with the matt and textured like outcome giving a contemporary twist to the classic colour of chrome. The slight uniqueness of this finish gives a subtle pop to any bathroom, and also allows for a long-lasting style, as the colour does not stray too far from the usual trends of the bathroom. The bonus of having this textured and matt-like finish is how it’s not only long lasting in colour, but also long lasting in its longevity. With this sort of finish you won’t have to worry about marks of water or scratches sullying your precious bathroom design, and in general, it is a longer lasting finish compared to the other trendy bathroomware finishes. We especially love it since our brands blend perfectly together with this brushed finish.

This trend matches especially well with the lighter tones in the bathroom. Lighter coloured wood, cream and white walls or finishes create a beautifully organic design with brushed metal, giving the space a clean and spacious look. Adding grey marble or grey patterned tiles complements the chrome colour of the brushed finish, while coordinating with the shades of cream and lighter coloured wood. We love this sort of layout for a homely and family bathroom feel. Modern in design but timeless in taste, the brushed metal finish is a wonderful edition to bathroom trends.