Meneghello Paolelli Associati

Product designers, strategic consultants for industrial design, Sandro Meneghello and Marco Paolelli establish Meneghello Paolelli Associati.

Both graduated in 2004 at the Politecnico di Milano, under the guidance of Roberto Palomba and Paolo Rizzatto, after different international experiencies – from Central Saint Martins in London and Norwegian University of Science&Technology in Trondheim, to Köln Kisd University and EDF R&D in Paris, they set their studio in Milan. Since 2005, they work side by side with Italian and international brands in order to add value through product design.

They have received several international design recognitions, including 10 Red Dot Design Award, which on “Best of theBest” 5 Design Plus, 2 Good Design Award, 4 ADI Design Index, 2 special mention for the German Design Award and 5 mention to the Young&Design.

Working with Fima
A core topic in today’s design is undoubtedly technology: in any home carefully furnished to ensure day-to-day efficiency and well-being, the bathroom, just like the kitchen, plays an increasingly vital role. Our projects are born within the mechanical taps industry, where technology is normally applied during the manufacturing stage and is not really ‘perceived’ by the final user. It is also true that for the vast majority of people sight is the most important sense, and design is therefore the starting point in 99% of our projects. When talking about taps, the sense of touch comes immediately after sight, and mainly involves the product’s ergonomics and user friendliness.

Designer Items