Bathtubs for Sale in Australia

There’s nothing quite like the calm of stepping into your bathtub after a long day. You're finally home, seated comfortably in your bathtub - ready to relax and unwind.

If you’re like many people, your bathroom is your sanctuary, and every moment spent in the bathtub is a treat. Here at Bathe, that’s precisely what we want you to feel, with our luxurious collection of high-quality bathtubs available Australia-wide.

How do you choose the right tub for your bathroom?

Anyone planning on a bathroom renovation or building a house for the first time should give their choice of bathtub some thought. There’s a wide range of styles available, from freestanding baths to inset baths, so you want to pick the right tub for your needs. So where to start?

First, set a budget. What are you prepared to spend on the bathtub of your dreams? Then, consider your bathroom space. If you have a small bathroom, oval baths and corner baths are a good fit. At Bathe, sizes range from 1400mm to 2000mm, so you’ll find stylish and affordable bathtubs no matter how big or small your available space.

Some of the most important decisions you’ll make are choosing the style of tub, the material used and how the bathtub will blend with your overall bathroom design. In your search, you’ll encounter a large range of freestanding bathtubs, floor tubs and back to wall bathtubs, among others. For the materials, you’ll find we have a great range of acrylic, enamel and stone baths. Don’t hesitate to talk to us for expert advice.

Best bathtubs, best brands

The best bathtub can come in the form of a freestanding bathtub, wall bathtub, gloss white D-shape bathtub, corner bath or anything else - as long as it fits your space, budget and lifestyle.

Kaldewei, Multipoint and Viega are three industry-leading brands known for manufacturing luxurious bathtubs and other bathroom products. All items are made from high-quality materials and available at great prices.

Shop bathtubs online—available Australia-wide

If you’re looking for a new bathtub, turn to Bathe. We have been in business long enough to have provided countless designers, architects and builders in Australia with the world’s finest bathroomware - including luxury baths and the freestanding bath - and other bathroom supplies.

Visit our online store today to shop for bath tubs. Check out our collection of baths for sale or seek advice on how to find the right bathtub for your family bathroom. We deliver Australia-wide!