Hydrotherapy for KALDEWEI baths

At Multipoint we design and build unique personalised hydrotherapy massage systems for you. Choose any Kaldewei bath from and we help you to identify the ideal massage system for your needs. By tailoring the massage system to your body we can turn your bathroom into a sanctuary of health, relaxation and rejuvenation.
Relaxing in your bath, your unique Multipoint System is designed to massage your body, relieving tension, melting away stress and assisting in the process of renewing cells which are damaged or strained during work, exercise or sport or through conditions associated with ageing.
Multipoint Hydrotherapy Systems are designed to ensure the specific massage effects of the uniquely designed Multipoint jets effectively target the
body’s trigger points to promote a sense of well-being and relaxation.


Improved muscle tone and mobility. The water flow from the jets massages and relaxes your muscle tissue improving the mobility of your joints and muscles relieving cramps, stiffness and soreness.
Overall muscle definition and tone can be improved by the stimulating massage, making Multipoint personalised hydrotherapy an excellent addition to your fitness and wellbeing regime.

Prevention and Recovery from Injuries. Regular hydrotherapy is a proven method of reducing recovery time from sporting and other injuries. Weakened muscles and ligaments are strengthened by the customised massage effect.

Increase blood flow and stimulation of lymphatic system. Circulation is increased bringing fresh oxygenated blood to your muscles and joints. By stimulating the flow of lymph, the correct fluid balance in the tissues and blood is achieved.

Cleanses and conditions the skin. The unique water massage over your skin stimulates the sweat glands, flushing out unwanted grime in your pores leaving your skin more elastic and youthful.

Benefits from acupressure and reflexology. Certain areas of the body and especially the back and feet correspond to various organs and nerve pathways. Customised massage on these specific areas can help relieve certain health conditions.


For the ultimate in hydrotherapy spa treatments in the comfort of your own bathroom, Multipoint ‘Professional’ Hydrotherapy Systems are the latest
development of this world-leading technology. 

The Professional Systems upgrade your experience with a choice of 30-, 36- and 40-jet patterns to enhance the health benefits. Hydrotherapy works
on the principal of Trigger-Point Therapy — the Professional Systems target more points of the body simultaneously, offering even greater physical benefits.

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