A family owned company founded in 1918 in the north of Germany is today run by the fourth generation devoted to the combination of steel and enamel. Porcelain is the hardest wearing bath surface for unequalled durability, backed by a 30-year guarantee. KALDEWEI is the only bathroom manufacturer who has developed its own enamel formulation and produce the enamel in its own furnaces. This company has steadily advanced, refined and optimised the special formula and its manufacturing process. Bathroom designers all around the world trust in the superior properties of this material.

Whether shower surface, bathtub or washbasin, steel enamel is our raw material, and passion is what drives us: for the greatest precision, for a timeless aesthetic and for the technical challenges that we master as pioneers. This passion is what has set our employees apart for generations. They have made us into a byword for long-lasting bathroom objects. Only they are in a position to meet our demanding standards of product, design and manufacturing quality. Yesterday, today and in future.

The proof that alongside quality and sustainability we also set great store by immaculate beauty, is evident from our over 150 awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, Plus X Award, Iconic Awards, Interior Innovation Award and IF Product Design Award. Thanks to you, we are one of the most garlanded manufacturers of bathroom objects in the world. Our designers devise pro-ducts, looks and shapes that lend your bathroom its distinctive character and timeless beauty.


Steel enamel is a combination of steel and glass. Two authentic, natural materials with unique material properties. Steel signifies strength, toughness, robustness and ductility. Glass has a superbly luxurious look and is ultra resistant to chemical and thermal stress. KALDEWEI steel enamel combines robust steel and resilient glass to form an inseparable bond harnessing the strengths of each material in perfect symbiosis.

Steel enamel is the best material for bathtubs, shower surfaces and washbasins because it withstands all influences and retains its value, despite all the stresses that the surface of a bathroom object has been exposed to over the decades.

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