A family run business with over 25 years of shower innovation experience combined with Swiss precision engineering. We are a leading shower innovator, our top priority in everything we do is in providing our customers with premium quality shower innovations. Aquas’ designs are a reflection of the sensational landscape from which we hail. Inspired by the refreshing and revitalising sensations of the Swiss Alps we have curated a range of shower solutions that guarantee a shower like you have never had before.

From the conception phases to final articulations, we handle all of our products with care and top craftsmanship to guarantee that they deliver a shower experience like no other. Handcrafted, starting with the best raw materials and then finished by testing every piece. Our seamless design processes and the generations of knowledge result in a customisable collection of shower fixtures that will completely revolutionise your bathroom.

Our distinctive shower designs elevate your shower both in functionality and style. Featuring sleek and sophisticated form, choose from several finish options to create a bespoke shower that is the way you want it.

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